Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dirt 3 Norway!

Get your thermals on for this!

The Norway tracks are pretty tough. Pure snow, low traction and hairpin turns make things challenging to say the least. The snow coverage can also make it difficult to tell where the sides of the road are. The banks can be a blow to your confidence when you crash into them, but being covered in snow like the rest of the road, they can easily go undetected until you hit them. Low traction at hairpin turns means earlier braking on approach. Accelerating too hard can send the car into a snake when pulling away from a turn. Loss of control is highly likely due to the uneven road surfaces, troughs and bumps. So much more general caution is needed compared with snow-less tracks. The snow is slippery, but not as slippery as the sheet ice found in Monte Carlo.

Spine-chillingly Beautiful Norway - Dirt 3

The environment is spine-tinglingly beautiful, realistic and will send cold shivers through the body. The distant hazy mountains give you a sense of enormous space and distance. The omnipresent white snow will hurt your eyes if you play too much unless you turn your monitor brightness down! It is kind of satisfying to see the caked on snow build up on the rear of the car as you progress through the track.

Personally, my best experience of Norway is in Trailblazer mode. You can actually whip through the tracks without needing to apply the brakes because of the wide road widths. You can use the low traction to drift effectively around corners. This can be an addictive trait.

Norway is certainly my preferred choice when it comes to snow-ridden tracks. That means I would choose Norway over Aspen any day!

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  1. Lovely youtube clips. Did you upload these through dirt or did you record them another way?

    1. Thank you. I intend to start uploading guides on the technicalities in the future. I record and upload my vids through Fraps. The in-game recorder has a strict limit on duration (seconds) unfortunately!

      This would be something to improve on in the next Dirt game surely lol!

  2. I still prefer Monte Carlo above Norway ;-)
    Although i have to agree with many points from your post!

    Nice Post keep up the good work!

    1. Many thanks Thierry,

      Me too! I would choose Norway over Aspen but Monte Carlo over everything. You cannot beat the Monte Carlo tracks and I would like to see more tracks like that in the next Dirt game (variety of road surfaces, narrow roads, intense high altitudes and more adrenaline).

  3. Looks great ;)
    - Diablosrouge

    1. Many thanks Diablosrouge!

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  4. Replies
    1. Many thanks for your support Tomas. As you can see the blog is in it's infancy but I intend to grow and start providing guides and tips.

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    1. Many thanks for your comment Obat - glad you like it!


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