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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless Headset Review

Well this post is a brief deviation from my Dirt 3 material, but I thought it was worth posting. After mentioning that I purchased a wireless headset I had quite a few requests from YouTube and Twitter to provide a review. So here goes.............

To provide a bit of background behind the purchase, I initially owned an amazing (but very old) 400 watt RMS Panasonic midi sound system with a great amplifier. I simply plugged this into the standard 3.5mm on-board sound jack plug socket on the rear of my PC. This system had two super woofer speakers and a headphone socket. I had a half decent pair of wired Sony headphones which I would plug into the sound system when I wanted. This system made everything sound amazing regardless of on-board sound supply. This sound system recently died and this left me very confused as to what to do next.

The Decision

I wanted to refine my set up and save space. So I was looking at smaller PC speakers, but to get any comparable sound quality I would have needed to purchase a decent dedicated sound card for around £100. I had a look in my PC and realised that I didn't have space for a sound card due to my beefy 5770 GFX card. So I decided to go "USB" for everything. This meant an external USB sound card and a USB headset. In an attempt to refine my set up I decided to go wireless for the headset.

The Headset

I did a lot of research with emphasis on sound quality for the headset. Sound quality is paramount! I wanted a set that I could use for everything from gaming to movies to music. I did find that there were a lot of USB wireless headsets with negative reviews for quality. The Tactic3D stood out as an odd ball high quality headset recently released by Creative Sound Blaster. This was given consistently good reviews. I ordered them from Amazon.

Unboxing of the Tactic3D Wrath

To my excitement I received the Tactic3D headset much earlier than expected from Amazon! After removing the Amazon wrapping I noticed that Creative have "created" (pardon the pun....) a masterpiece with the retail box alone. This is the sign of a premium product. As always, I opened the box very carefully so as not to rip it in case I needed to return the item. My eyes were met with a very neatly packaged set of four items:

  • A beautifully crafted and robust headset
  • A detachable microphone
  • A USB charger cable
  • A USB audio transmitter

Set up was as easy as plug and play. Firstly I plugged the USB audio transmitter into the PC and within under 1 minute the drivers were installed. I powered up the headset and pressed the "connect" button on the audio transmitter and within an instant there was sound. The movie that was playing sounded great. I then fired up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 which also sounded great. Now, I am an audiophile, and it was absolutely paramount that music sounded tip top. My first impressions were disappointing. Music actually sounded better on my old analogue headphones. What was I to do?

I discovered I had to download additional drivers for free from the Creative website here. This was a simple install. This opened up a whole world settings to tweak. By tweaking these I found a sweet spot whereby everything from gaming, movies and music sounded excellent. The best thing is that music sounds amazing!

The sound that this headset pumps out is the best I have heard. All the settings are in your control. The bass and treble can be set very high and clarity is 1st class. The bass is of such high quality without distortion compared to my old headphones. Sound is crisp and biting with a great crystallisation feature. The 3D surround sound feature is such a novelty to me, providing realistic movie, ambient music and immersive gaming experiences. This feature mimics the 5.1 surround sound headphones. In games and movies you can tell the direction of a sound in relation to your head either to the left, right, in front, behind, above or below you. MW3 is a dream to play. Battlefield 3 was exhausting as I felt like I had really been to war and made it  home in time for tea. The sound can intentionally intimidate you in a game!

With my old headphones voice clarity would be hidden amongst ambient sound effects or music and would be hard to pick out. With the tactic3D headset, voice clarity is in my opinion perfect and of suitable volume ratio. This can all be tweaked anyway in the settings if required.

The microphone is of a better quality than most but I have heard better. The main thing is that there are no distorted artefacts that will annoy your fellow online gaming buddies. The microphone is easy to connect but I found it slightly more difficult to detach.

One charge would last 7 hours at first but seems to be getting better after more re-charges. The headset will warn you with a beep when charge is low. In this case you just plug the charger in and continue using them as a wired headset.

There is a real sense of minimalism when using this headset. There is not much in the way of trailing wires. I live in a standard semi-detached house in the UK and the wireless range is sufficient for me to venture around the entire house without distortion and about one quarter of the garden. I found by keeping all your internal house doors open you can extend the range of the headset.

The headset itself is a sturdy design with an extendible arch. This arch contains a steel strip to add robustness. The ear drums light up externally to let you know if they are switched on. The cushioned pads on the inner side hug your ears tightly to block out ambient environmental sounds. Power, volume and microphone mutes controls can be found on the left ear rum.

The Tactic3d Wrath is designed for use with PC and Mac. If you want a headset that is compatible with consoles as well as PC and Mac, go for the Tactic3D Omega at the slightly higher price.

All in all I found this to be a great purchase for games, movies and music with no regrets. In hind sight it is providing by far a better quality of sound than my old set up. It has injected new life into everything! There are probably better wireless headsets out there but the Wrath is certainly worth more than it's retail price.

If you were to purchase the Tactic3D Wrath I would certainly get it from Amazon at a discount. I got mine for £82.50 but the discounts vary from time to time. The retail price at Amazon is by far the lowest price I have seen even without the discount. Factor in the fast delivery time it is a no brainer!!

At this point in time of writing it is selling for £86.00 with free delivery which cannot be beaten. The link is below for your browsing:

Bear in mind the headset is selling currently for 109.75 on Ebay and 139.94 from, Amazon is your best choice by far!


  1. Hey my friends I tell you some tips about Comfort is very important and your headphones should be noise cancelling so that you can enjoy your film or TV show without distraction.A cushioned ear piece is also very useful because you may appreciate this feature more than anything else after viewing a movie for a few hours.
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    1. Yes!

      The Sound Blaster Tactic3D wireless headset is relatively a tight fit, but will also extend well for larger heads. The cushioned pads on these larger powerful drums work very well with noise cancelling, I cannot hear anyone walk into the room I am in and even struggle to hear the doorbell of the phone ring (which is a good thing!!)

      I am also aware of the fact that "over-ear" headphones are much better for your health than "inner-ear" earphones. Extensive scientific research and testing concludes that with over-ear headphones you can get away with listening to higher volumes for longer periods of time with very little damage to your hearing (if you look at it over the course of your life time). Inner earphones can potentially be much more dangerous. Something to bear in mind!!

      Nice wireless headphone review page by the way! Very informative.

  2. That’s not enough it is also highly compatible with the latest mobile phones and latest OS. you can use it on any device having the Bluetooth technology.
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    1. That is very true indeed.

      I am now finding bonuses every day with this headset - so I may need to update my review post soon!

      Many thanks!

    2. For higher compatibility you can use Panasonic wireless headphones.

  3. This product has good specification and seems to offer great benefits to the users. I' also using same kind of wireless headset for better experience

    1. Excellent! With the right equaliser settings this headset can rivals those twice the price! And the bass is phenomenal. I have had them for 5months now and don't regret it at all.


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